Jacci + Ockert = Jacke(r)t


Jacket Interiors derives its name from a quirky fusion of the first names of the founders, Jacci Samios and Ockert Dixon. The duo came together working on mutual projects under a large interior design firm and an unstoppable design romance began. Ideas flowed in synergy and a unique style was conceived and in 2006 Jacket was born.

Jacci has since moved to Sydney and Ockert to Basel where they are still designing interiors for clients around the globe. The office in Johannesburg still looking after our clients in South Africa and handling all our administrative functions.

From the love of South African Art and Design and their roots, Jacci and Ockert started Jacket Curated. A collection of predominantly South African Products celebrating South African Designers, Manufacturers and Artists and to introduce these products to the Australian and European Interior Design Markets.

Jacket Curated aims to launch in Sydney in August 2019.